S4E Sustainably improves your Performance

Our corporate philosophy is based on clarity, efficiency and sustainability. Due to our experience in the development and maintenance of power generation facilities and the awareness of the basic importance of professional guidance in technical spheres we decided to found the Solutions 4 Energy GmbH.

On four Pillars towards the Future

Solutions 4 Energy – The four Pillars in Detail


Development Management – Your Product Development / Our Experience

Successful companies are in permanent change to optimally meet the market needs. In many companies development departments are the sensitive organizational units in this process. Change management with confidence and the involvement of the staff are the cornerstones of successful change.

To achieve this target we will go directly into the management of your company, if needed. Based on its current level of maturity we will further develop it until it will be ready to meet present day challenges. The active involvement of your executives in this development process is of crucial importance for us. Only then do we achieve a viable and sustainable company that can be versatile and act independently. The support of your executives and developers in their daily work on organizational and technical issues is a matter of course for us. Your employees are our priority.

  • Strategy and orientation of development departments and organizations
  • Restructuring and development of organizational units
  • Change management
  • Models of interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Development and implementation of processes plus tool support


Technology – Your Aim / Our Technological Strength

The aim is to give you as our customer optimal advice and to create solutions for technical problems as needed to execute your corporate strategy. At your wish we also develop complete products. To strengthen your company in this crucial area we specifically involve your employees into this process. Furthermore you benefit from technologies we already developed.

  • Technical support with complex issues (system level, complete plants)
  • Load calculations and simulations in combination with control technology
  • Grid Connection
  • Technology Consulting
  • Task Force Management


Life Time – Your Serial-Production Support / Our Field-Proven Solutions

Our business objective is to reduce maintenance costs independently from the producer on a long-term basis for you as our customer. With new product developments, maintenance and service are often not taken into consideration because „time to market“ is more important. When the products are delivered to a large proportion issues of „ life time costs“ get into the focus especially with maintenance and service expenditures. Here we offer you a broad portfolio of solutions individually customized for your products.

  • Retrofit solutions for systems
    • Increasing Earnings
    • Certifications
    • Product Maintenance
    • Effectiveness
  • Maintenance management of decentralized energy generation plants
  • Reducing of maintenance costs (process analysis and intelligent products)


Validation – Your Questions / Our Competence in Analysis

Our business objective is to perform the measuring of your technical equipment for you as our customer, to analyze the results and to prepare a specific problem solution or to certify the results if needed. The reasons for technical problems in complex plants are often of a secretive nature. Frequently, only a thorough analysis on the basis of significant measurements can bring the causes to light (determine the causes) and thus efficiently helps preparing a problem solution. Our competence in measuring and analysis will support you in outsourcing the cause of the problem. With pleasure we moreover offer to train and qualify your staff.